"Ocean conservation is the future wave."

- Ross Power

Seven Piece Installation

Medium - Stainless Steel

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on our planet and there is a dramatic imbalance that must be addressed.  Scientific facts alone are not enough to attract the necessary attention to make a difference.  Unifying art and science is the innovative tool needed for raising public awareness by creating public interest. 

FUTURE WAVE was created in 1985 to be installed fifty feet under water in the Ross Power Undersea Gallery in the Key Largo Marine Sanctuary.  In order to obtain permits for installing the first undersea art gallery on the seabed, a number of engineering and environmental challenges had to be addressed.  Mr. Power engaged the US Army Corps of Engineers and the environmental department of The Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary to research and to make recommendations to be incorporated into the design and fabrication of FUTURE WAVE so that it would meet all federal and state requirements for this first ever installation. 

Diver visitations to the FUTURE WAVE sculpture and its accompanying creation NO TURNING BACK reduced diving pressure on the nearby Molasses Reef.  As a result of the success of the undersea gallery and Mr Power speaking on behalf of ocean conservation, he was honored by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. 

FUTURE WAVE at Key Largo Marine Sanctuary