"Once we commit, there's no turning back."

- Ross Power

Monumental Sculpture Art

Medium - Stainless Steel

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on our planet and there is a dramatic imbalance that must be addressed.  Scientific facts alone are not enough to attract the necessary attention to make a difference.  Unifying art and science is the innovative tool needed for raising public awareness by creating public interest. 

In 1986, NO TURNING BACK was first on display at the Ross Power Undersea Gallery in the Key Largo Marine Sanctuary.   This sculpture was the first of its kind that not only communicated the circle of life represented by the world's oceans, but also provided an interactive environment from which to experience art and the sea simultaneously.  As this picture illustrates, divers not only observe NO TURNING BACK from outside the sculpture, they can also transit the interior of the sculpture for the full 360 degrees from entry to exit.  


The sculpture's footprint encompasses a 35 foot diameter, stands 15 feet tall and is anchored at three points to provide stability.  

Its exhibition helped raise awareness of reef conservation and the impact of human interaction on delicate marine habitats.  Currently on exhibition at the Ross Power Sculpture Garden at Florida International University's Biscayne Bay Campus in Miami, Florida.