"Veterans of any conflict will know these words spoken through the universal language of art."

Ross Power

In October 2016, Ross Power joined the members of Vero Beach Veterans:Next Generation to create a memorial to honor the fallen and all those who have served in the Iraq & Afghanistan era conflicts.

Riverside Park - Vero Beach, Florida adjecent to the Vero Beach Museum of Art

 Concrete, Stainless Steel, Core-10: 9 FT High x 18 FT in diameter

Ross Power interviewed combat veterans from these conflicts, creating a documented oral history.  From these interviews he integrated words that best captured the emotion and recollection of these Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen.
Power said, "This sculpture is Word Art . The words are authentic, straight from the veterans mouth. As you walk into and through this "Memorial Sculpture,"you will also read inspiring & informing words that will enable you to feel the true impact of the veterans actual experience through there own words."